Industrial Heating and Cooling

Portable Air Conditioner Rental For Industrial Applications

Portable air conditioning can help protect employees, processes and equipment from excessively hot environments. The benefits of providing a cooler and dryer workplace are improved health, safety and morale, and higher productivity. Cooling in high-ambient areas inside or outside of a plant or in open areas where traditional air conditioners are inadequate can be increased through the improved design characteristics of portable air conditioners.

The interior temperatures of equipment can be reduced quickly by focusing the right amount of low-temperature airflow. This can protect products such as small electronic chips, plastic-molded items, metal extrusions, rubber items, metal bars, and glass products. Spot cooling can remove unwanted moisture and preserving product shapes and integrity. This can also lead to increased life and reliability of production equipment, electronic control panels and numeric-control machines. Portable air conditioners can operate in temperatures as high as 115 degrees F.

Deciding on the size of spot cooling in industrial areas with temperatures of 85 F to 113 F depends on ambient temperature, humidity, activity levels, air volume, velocity of airflow and temperature difference. Also, because objects lose heat from the inside out, the faster this heat is removed, the faster it will transfer from the core to outside layers, thus cooling the object to required design temperature. This can result in fewer rejects, higher rates of flow, and lower costs.

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