Temporary / Emergency Climate Control 

We're There When You Need Us


Whether you need emergency service or you're planning for a scheduled maintenance shut-down, we will be there for you.

Some examples:

  • Temporary maintenance shut downs
  • Power outages or central HVAC shut down
  • Cooling during construction
  • Job-site trailer cooling
  • Additional climate control capacity
  • Emergencies
  • Natural disasters

We deliver and setup the temporary heating and/or cooling equipment you need. We leave the equipment for as long as you need it. And when you don't need it any longer we come pick it up. All you have to do is make the call.

We are here to serve you with the equipment you need. Including:

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“On Sunday night, October 3, the 'great flood of the century' was well underway in Columbia, South Carolina. Late that evening I received a call at home letting me know that the computer room at Palmetto Health Baptist was quickly heating up because of a malfunction in the air conditioning system in that portion of the hospital. Of course, extreme heat has a negative effect on IT equipment which prompted the call from the manager of that team. I immediately called Adam Ruffin, owner of Portable Air Solutions, to see what kind of assistance he and his company could provide. Within 1.5 hours, PAS had placed some 10 portable air conditioning units on the Palmetto Health Baptist loading dock. Within another half hour all units were in place and cooling our computer room. Without doubt, our IT system on the PH Baptist campus continued to run and provide essential support to our patients because of the remarkably quick, efficient, and generous service of Portable Air Solutions.” – Ronald L. Carroll, Vice President for Support Services at Palmetto Health

Portable Spot Air Conditioner Rentals

MovinCool® recently published a series of informative downloadable PDF's outlining the circumstances, benefits, and appropriate equipment for a variety of circumstances by industry. Click the link naming your industry from the list below to download the MovinCool PDF:

  • Construction:
    • Portable spot air conditioners can speed up drying construction materials or spills.
    • Portable spot coolers are also often used to keep job site trailers comfortable.
    • Larger rental air conditioning units keep building occupants comfortable while central HVAC systems are temporarily shut down.
  • Server rooms and Telecom closets - keeping servers cool in an emergency, supplemental cooling for regions of a building.
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities - quick installation, supplement