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In today's retail environment, people have many choices where and how they can shop. With the advent of online shopping, many people shop from the comfort of their own homes. When they do choose to go shopping, customers want a store where they can shop in a safe, comfortable environment. The last thing any retail business wants is to have customers turn around and walk out of their store because the store feels too hot and stuffy.

The ambient temperature is the temperature in a specific area. Ambient temperature can be impacted by the current air conditioning in the store, the number of people in the store, equipment in the store and the overhead lighting, and computers which all put off heat. In summer you may want to keep your ambient temperature around 73 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, when your customers are wearing more clothing, the ambient temperature should be kept at 68-74 degrees.

Portable air conditioners or spot coolers can help maintain the correct ambient temperature, especially in an emergency or special event. If the ambient temperature in the store is correct, sales can increase because comfortable customers tend to shop longer. Customer comfort is supremely important to increasing sales and keeping return business.

Keeping a retail store cooler will also provide a comfortable environment for employees. This will lead to happier employees needing less breaks, thereby, increasing productivity. In addition, having to prop open a back door to increase air flow is not the safest environment for employees and customers.

Keeping the store cooler will also minimize spoilage. Foods like chocolate, wine or pharmaceuticals can all be affected by high temperatures causing spoilage and high waste. A portable air conditioner can help you keep your perishable items from spoiling in the hot summer months.

Portable Air Solutions has the equipment you need to help maintain a comfortable environment for your customers. They will deliver, set up, and remove the equipment at your convenience and are available to answer any and all your questions.