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Portable Air Conditioner Rental For Server Room Cooling

The heart of any business operation is its server room. Because data networks are required to handle ever faster speeds, server rooms can become over-heated, leading to data storage problems, system crashes random reboots, or overall poor performance. Further, Technical equipment tends to age quicker when hot and the internal fans and cooling mechanisms may not be sufficient to keep equipment safe in data centers. The ambient temperature of a server room can exceed equipment specifications by generated heat from technical equipment.

The high amount of heat generated by equipment in server rooms can generate "hot spots" and increased humidity. These hot spots can be found near larger machines where servers are too close to walls or where air flow has been blocked due to built up clutter. Maintaining temperature control in server rooms and having contingency systems for emergencies is essential and can prevent over-heating servers and even fires.

Portable Air Solutions has the right equipment for your server and technology room needs. From portable air conditioners/heaters, spot coolers and fans, they will deliver, set up and remove equipment where and when you need it.
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