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Portable Air Conditioner Rental For Warehouse Applications

Warehouses are an important part of the chain in a business operation. Food, medicine, and technical equipment stored in warehouses are all susceptible to high or low temperature changes. Warehouses can be difficult to cool and heat because of their different sizes and designs. Occupancy patterns, building activities and the needs of the stored goods will determine the space conditioning temperatures and ventilation rates. Keeping employees and customers comfortable should be a main priority.

Preventable heat-related ailments can be prevented every year while protecting your equipment and processes from improper temperature environments. This will reduce the risk of heat exhaustion, increase employee morale and lead to higher productivity. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning account for approximately 30 percent of total energy cost in a warehouse. Since the average warehouse can have ceilings as high as 20 or 30 feet, the air in a warehouse will heat up, raising the temperature. With their large space and air distribution problems, hot air can become stagnate, causing a reduced quality of air throughout the warehouse. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a condition that causes coughing, dizziness, irritation and discomfort for employees of the building. According to the EPA, proper ventilation and air distribution systems for your HVAC systems will correct this problem.

Food products, medicine, computers and other technical equipment can all be affected by heat, moisture, and air quality. Food safety, taste, and texture can also be affected by storage environment. Most perishable food items can be affected by the freeze-thaw cycle. Heat can affect ointments and creams and will affect other products' viability.
Because most warehouses accept deliveries or make shipments, sometimes multiple times a day, doors are frequently opening and closing. This exposes the large open bays to the hot or cold outside. Having the air temperature evenly distributed throughout the area will make the warehouse less affected by doors opening and closing.

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