Christmas Party Heater Rentals

Christmas Party Heater Rentals

Keeping Warm at an Outdoor Winter Party

The holiday season is nearly upon us and Christmas party planning is in the air. Planning an outdoor event in winter can be challenging but fun. No matter how good the food or the entertainment, if your guests are not comfortable, your party will not be remembered fondly.

If you are renting a tent, make sure you rent from a reputable vender and consider renting a tent with thick sidewalls. These come with windows or clear sidewalls. Also, remember to have a sturdy floor for your tent.

Tent heaters> use electricity to run the fan and propane to fuel the heat. Be sure to select a heater with a thermostat to ensure the correct temperature. These heaters and propane tanks are usually located outside on the non-focal side of the tents. The air is forced in through vents placed on the ground.

Keeping guests comfortable outdoors in chilly and/or windy weather is easy with portable heaters>. Outdoor heaters are safe and portable ways to heat the atmosphere without the hazard of open fires. They are movable and don’t take up a great amount of space. Not only will they warm the space but they are decorative and stylish.

Most patio heaters using propane, natural gas, or electricity as fuel. Propane and electric heaters are available in portable, tabletop, standup, hanging and ceiling/wall mounting. Natural gas patio heaters are more permanent and are available in standup, in-ground and hanging. There are also standing, tabletop and hanging type portable heaters available. There are attractive options that look like floor lamps.

Electric space heaters can be used if electricity is available. There are also portable heaters designed to look like fireplaces or wood burning stoves.

There are usually two types of heaters to rent:

  1. Direct-fired: Direct fired heaters work well as patio heaters and can come in styles which are seven feet high. These umbrella- type aluminum heaters reflect heat down towards your guests. These heaters should be used in chilly temperatures but not under cold temperatures. Spread these heaters between 12-15 feet in all the directions and one patio heater for three to four guest tables.
  2. Indirect fired: Indirect fired heaters are used in areas that are sealed and lack a working heating system like a tent. Indirect fired heaters are 100% clean, dry air; the air being circulated never comes in direct contact with the flame. Almost all indirect fired heaters use a thermostat and do not release carbon dioxide into the space but require exhaust ventilation.

The clearance around and above the patio heater depends on its BTUs. Smaller units need at least 24 inches of clearance above and on all sides and bigger units need at least 30 inches of clearance above and on all sides of the reflector and emitter head.

Serve warm-up foods like stew, soup or chili and warm drinks. Place area rungs in the seated area with cushions and pillows on your outdoor furniture. Create an ambiance of warmth with candles, strung party lights and soft lighting. Play outdoor games that get guests moving, or get the dancing going early. Have a warm-up section with throw blankets, mittens, hats and scarves for guests who need them.

Creating a fun and enjoyable outdoor Christmas party is easy with the right outdoor heater>. Your guests will be warm and comfortable. Portable Air Solutions> has the right patio or tent heater for your needs. We will deliver, set up and retrieve all equipment at your convenience. Check out our 5 star rating on Facebook>. Call us at (803) 600-6226 for a quote.

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