Should I Rent An Outdoor Heater

Should I Rent An Outdoor Heater

Trying to decide whether or not to rent an outdoor heater?

Are you intimidated by all the different types of outdoor heaters, or are you a little bit worried about their safety?

​Let’s do some research into the different types of outdoor heaters available, and then figure out where each one works best.

Indirect fired heaters function like a home furnace where the air is heated as it passes over an enclosed heating element. The air is cleaner and the amount of CO2 produced is reduced. There is no significant humidity added and the thermostat will maintain a comfortable temperature without overheating the space. These heaters are typically installed outside with warm air ducted to the inside. They are rugged with heavy-duty steel construction.

Indirect fired heaters are self-contained and the dry heat makes them perfect for areas where mold is a concern. In addition, a simple network of ductwork to channel heat will allow you to heat multiple rooms at once.These heaters use an external exhaust system which keeps fumes away from your area. Smaller heaters have an on-board fuel tank, while a larger unit will usually have a separate fuel tank plumbed to the heater. The kind of fuel which can be used can be oil, natural gas, or propane.

Heating the outdoors can require a great deal of power. The heater must have a powerful fan to be able to spread warmth evenly across a wide area. It’s best not to use heaters where cords need to be run where people are sitting, standing, or walking. Indirect heaters which are placed outside the area and are powered by gas with ducting that sends warm air inside are the best type. These kinds of heater are expensive to buy so find a company that specializes in these heaters, will install, maintain, and retrieve them when finished.

In very cold seasons you may want to run the heater for a period of time before guests arrive to warm the area. Test the heater beforehand at the time of day when it will be used so that you will know how long the space takes to heat to a comfortable temperature and how long you will need to run the unit to keep guests comfortable.

When you are considering using an outdoor heater, be sure to let the supplier know about the type of event, the outdoor space to be heated and the number of guests you expect. They will be able to advise you on the most suitable type of heating solution.

Portable Air Solutions will be happy the answer all your questions when deciding what heating unit will be best for your needs. We offer fast and reliable service with 24/7 emergency service. We will deliver and install all equipment, and retrieve it at your convenience.

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