Outdoor Heater Rentals

Outdoor Heater Rentals

When it’s a good idea and how to find them

Why would you need to rent an outdoor heater?
An outdoor heater can be the solution to keeping guests, customers, clients, and employees warm and comfortable in all types of outdoor settings. Most outdoor heaters are either direct or indirect fired heaters.

What is the difference between direct and indirect fired heaters?

  • Direct fired heaters are similar to a gas barbecue grill or a gas stove top. The units force air directly through the flame to heat the air. Direct fired heaters convert 100% of the fuel used to direct heat, they are easy to transport, and powerful. High amounts of heat (BTU’s) are produced in smaller units. They are usually less expensive to rent, easier to maintain and have a built-in thermostat. Ventilation is required and they add moisture and carbon monoxide into the air.
  • Indirect fired heaters offer 100% clean, dry air because the air being circulated does not come in direct contact with the flame. They also have thermostats and can operate in sealed spaces because they do not release carbon dioxide into the space. Their rental cost is higher and they have lower efficiency. They require exhaust ventilation and are usually much larger and less portable.

Outdoor Spaces Where Heaters Are Commonly Used:

1. Patio Heater
Patio heaters provide 10-12 foot circle of warmth without requiring electricity. These are the “umbrella” type heaters used by bars and restaurants to keep guests from becoming chilled. These types of heaters can be used in tents, however they require an area of clearance because the propane tank is located at the bottom of the unit.

If you are planning on renting a tent, there are several types of heaters to choose from. Primarily the heaters and propane tanks will be located outside of the tent on the non-focal side. Hot air is forced in through vents on the ground. Make sure that whatever heater you choose has a thermostat to keep the environment at the desired temperature and also to ensure the heater doesn’t run continuously.

These areas offer unique challenges when it come to heating. Very often these areas are large and open with high ceilings, sometimes with large doors which need to be opened frequently. Manufacturing processes and equipment may be affected by extreme temperature changes. Choosing the right heater for these areas may require the expertise of a rental company that specializes in portable heater rentals.

You can buy outdoor heaters from almost any big box store, but when it comes to renting, it helps to have an idea of what you want. Heater size can vary from 20,000 to 125,000 BTU. Your rental provider should be able to help you determine the size needed based on the size of the area to be heated, the temperature desired, availability of electricity, and whether or not ventilation is required.

Because of the many types and sizes of heaters available to rent, it is important that you have an expert help with choosing the correct equipment. Choose a company that will answer all your questions with a high degree of expertise. Your rental company should supply all of the equipment and fuel required, deliver and set it up, and retrieve the equipment when it is no longer needed.
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