Industrial Heater Rental

Industrial Heater Rental

Planning for Industrial Heat Needs

With winter on the horizon, staying on schedule in an industrial setting can be a challenge. Staying on schedule is important, and difficult winter conditions can impact employees and the environment. Moisture and fume-filled air can cause production schedules to slow down, Providing a comfortable, drier workplace for employees can lead to increased productivity and improved health and safety.

Properly heating or cooling people, equipment and processes in an industrial setting is a function of ambient temperature, humidity, activity levels, air volume, velocity of airflow and temperature difference. Technology has improved efficiency, affordability and effectiveness of industrial heaters. Manufacturing and Industrial facilities need to operate to high standards, but also need to minimize waste. Sufficient ventilation needs to be maintained while achieving the correct temperature for employees and manufacturing processes.

Industrial heater rentals can be available for short term or long term amounts of time. Rentals can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and also on a seasonal or long-term basis.

Industrial heater rental options are as follows:

  1. Electric heaters deliver clean, dry heat with moisture control. These are used in buildings where gas heaters are not allowed.
  2. In-line heaters which work in combination with a dehumidifier. An in-line heater works “in line” with a dehumidifier to make one row of equipment working together to do one job. If your job requires both dehumidification and heating, an in-line heater is what you need.
  3. In-direct fired heaters which are the most reliable in an emergency situation. Indirect fired heaters won’t add moisture to the work environment. These are available with wheels to make them movable and come with multiple fuel options.

Portable Air Solutions offers the equipment you need to keep your production lines running while making the environment comfortable and safe for your employees. They will deliver, set up, and retrieve all the equipment at your convenience. Call for a for quote at (803) 600-6226, or emergency 24/7 service.

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