Emergency Air Conditioning for Server Rooms

Emergency Air Conditioning for Server Rooms

How to Avoid an AC Emergency in your Server Room

​The climate is the most important aspect of a server room. To allow the servers to function efficiently and effectively the room must be kept cool at all times. If your air conditioner is broken for any length of time the servers can become overheated and loose data. 

The server nodes produce enough heat to reach temperatures of 85-90°F. If the servers reach these temperatures and remain at this level for any length of time it puts the servers at risk of having a full meltdown.

If your air conditioner or cooling system is out, we can deliver and install a portable air conditioner that attaches to your existing ductwork. This system can stay in place until your original unit is repaired. There are also units that are free standing that can be placed in any size room or building. This will allow your servers to stay cool and functioning at their normal pace.

We often get calls from IT Directors, IT Managers, and Server Admins in need of air conditioning fast. They are in a rush to get their server rooms cooled down because they have had a meltdown of their system, or because of a weather event that caused them to loose all air flow. Below are five things server admins and IT specialists should avoid when working in their server rooms. 

5 Common Causes of Server Rooms Overheating

  • Weather Tragedies: Floods are one of the most common causes for air conditioner outages. It is important that server rooms be kept below 77°F and without an air conditioner that is impossible. Setting up a solution monitor that monitors the temperature of the room and servers is a great way to stay on top of this.
  • Organization: Set up the servers so they are not blocking any vents, and are not too close to any walls. Most server rooms are set up in rows that are based off the airflow.
  • Air Flow: To prevent hot spots, set up fans to help increase the airflow throughout the room.
  • Clutter: Clutter can block or decrease airflow significantly. By eliminating all clutter throughout the room it will increase airflow and make the room a much safer environment to work in.
  • No Built-in Cooling System: Without built-in cooling systems the server racks have only secondary cooling coming from the air conditioner. With built-in cooling systems, server racks are able to keep the servers from becoming overheated more directly.

Take your time in setting up a server room. Surveying the space and laying out the most beneficial and effective floor plan for the servers will increase your energy consumption greatly. Keep an eye on the temperature of the space and the servers will be able to stay functioning in the most efficient way.

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