Keeping Cool At An Outdoor Summer Party

Keeping Cool At An Outdoor Summer Party

Keeping Your Guests Cool at An Outdoor Summer Party

Who doesn’t love an outdoor summer party? Warm weather, sunshine, cool drinks, good food; what’s not to love? However, the warm weather can present some issues when it comes to keeping your guests cool and comfortable on warm days.
If your party is being held during the warmer part of the calendar, here are some suggestions for keeping your guests comfortable:

1. Timing: In certain areas of the country, the daytime temperature can average 95 degrees or above. One option is to simply plan your gathering earlier or later in the day. The hours between noon and 3:00 pm are the warmest times of the day. With some well-planned lighting, you and your guests can enjoy being outside after the sun goes down. If you do not want your party to run too late, start your party around 5:00 pm.

2. Insects: If you’re worried about insects bothering your guests, supply them with insect repellents and/ or keep citronella candles or torches around the party area to keep bugs away.

3. Seating Arrangement: Plan your seating arrangement so that guests are seated away from fire pits, barbecue grills, or patio fireplaces to avoid the heat. This will let them enjoy the ambiance without the heat. If you have an outdoor kitchen, create seating away from the heat of the cooking area. Be sure to follow basic safety precautions when using a fire feature.

4. Hydration: Keeping your guests hydrated is a must. Making water readily available is important because adult beverages such as beer and wine or soda can worsen hydration. Beer and soda coolers should contain bottled water or have a large drink dispenser with water made more appealing by adding sliced lemons, limes, oranges, or cucumber. Iced tea is also a second option for helping keep your guests hydrated and cool. Cooling snacks like frozen melon balls, blueberries, or grapes will also help keep your guests hydrated.

5. Water: Supplying your guests with iced spray bottles to spritz arms and faces will help keep your guests cool. Another suggestions is having chilled, scented hand towels reading for your guests to use. These can be made by soaking hand towels in lemon or lime- infused water and chilling them in the refrigerator. Brightly colored handheld fans should be made available for your guests to carry. These are available at any craft store. Another suggestion was to bring out a kiddie pool for a refreshing foot soak or splash. Keep a supply of towels handy.

6. Misting Systems: A patio misting system can be purchased for less than $20 on the Home Depot website. These can be attached to any garden hose or faucet, reducing the temperature in the area up to 20 degrees. Keep in mind, in areas of drought, this may not be an option.

7. Shade: Making use of and creating areas of shade is another priority. Having a covered patio is a great option, however, portable awnings, canopies, and umbrellas are inexpensive options for providing shade. These can be stored away when not in use. Seating areas near fences or other structures during certain times of the day can also supply shade.

8. Fans: Outdoor Fans are an excellent way to keep the air moving. Ceiling fans in covered patios are an attractive option but are stationary. Even a regular box fan can made a difference on a hot day, however these can be noisy and need electricity making their mobility limited. Portable misting fans are a good option, however, they require water which can be a problem in areas of drought. Portable fans are affordable and are a good choice for parties with more than one outdoor entertaining area. A battery-operated and solar-powered umbrella fan that fits around the umbrella pole can be used to keep the air cooler for guests sitting under the umbrella.

9. Portable Coolers: Portable Coolers are unique in that it is as portable as an ice chest, because that is essentially what it is. This cooling solution can keep drinks cold and keep your guests cool all at once. Its rechargeable battery makes it usable at the beach, camping, or tailgating.

Entertaining in the summer can be a pleasure, however, it is not without its challenges. Heat, humidity, insects, and staying hydrated are all issues which require some forethought and planning. Keeping your guests comfortable will ensure that they remember your party fondly.

We hope you found this information helpful. From spot coolers to air moving fans, Portable Air Solutions has every type of equipment to help you with your cooling needs. We deliver and pick up all equipment. Your guests will thank you. We will be happy to answer your questions by calling us at 803-600-6226.

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