Portable Air Conditioner Rental

Portable Air Conditioner Rental

Portable Air Conditioner Rental – What are my options?

There are many reasons for renting a portable air conditioner: Natural disaster, emergencies, power outages, blown transformers, sporting events, weddings, conventions, school events; all of these can call for temporary or supplemental air conditioning. The options for supplemental air conditioning are almost as extensive. Portable spot coolers, portable air conditioners, portable air conditioner/heat pumps, air moving fans, and portable 12 ton air conditioner units are all available for rental for temporary climate control. Knowing what system is already in place and the dimensions of the area to be cooled can make your decision easier. Let’s take a look at each of these options and how and when they would be needed.

  • Portable Spot Coolers – A spot cooling unit is a portable air conditioner which provides emergency backup, supplemental or permanent cooling. Spot air conditioners can quickly cool down just the area needed instead of the entire facility. They are quick and easy to install — just roll in a unit , plug it in and turn it on. They are flexible and can be easily moved whenever requirements change. They can provide cooling for areas during cold winter months when the main HVAC system has been switched to heating mode. Spot air conditioners can do more than provide air conditioning. They are also highly effective at drying out wet environments. This means they can help provide emergency disaster recovery from floods, storms, leaks and spills by speeding the drying process. They help prevent water damage and reduce mold and odors. These units are self-contained and after the dry-air exhaust duct is attached, moisture removal begins immediately. Industrial-strength blowers pull in large volumes of moist air and push out warm, dry air that can be directed to wet areas. They provide much faster extraction than fans or dehumidifiers, reducing restoration costs.
  • Portable Air Conditioner – If your HVAC system is out, we can deliver and install a portable air conditioner that attaches to your existing ductwork. This system can stay in place until the original unit is repaired. There are also units that are free-standing which can be placed in any size room or building.
  • Portable Air Conditioner/Heat Pump – These units are ideal for areas where the temperature may vary in a short amount of time. An example would be a tent event. Temperatures at certain times of the year can rise or fall and having the option of air conditioning or heat can be essential.

These units are useful in garages, basements, bonus rooms or offices;

  • 12 ton air conditioning units – These are the big guns. They are capable of heating or cooling large spaces like production and manufacturing areas or large tent events. These units are delivered, set up, and retrieved to and from your facility when you need them.
  • Air Moving Fans – There are times you may need to cool a space but air conditioning is not appropriate. Air moving fans can be a great alternative for keeping employees or guests cool at outdoor or indoor events when AC is not needed or not in the budget. These are whisper quiet fans that create a low speed breeze. The Black Jack by Big Ass Fans are big enough to blow one-third the length of a football field and compact enough to be wheeled down an aisle or through a doorway. They can be mounted on indoor/outdoor rubber wheels so they can move across all kinds of surfaces without damage.

Knowing your options for temporary air conditioning can save you time and money. Portable Air Solutions can provide you with all of these options and answer all of your questions. You can contact them at (803) 600-6226.

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