Uses And Spaces For Portable Air Conditioning Units

Uses And Spaces For Portable Air Conditioning Units

How Portable Air Conditioners Can Benefit You 

What are the reasons for using a portable air conditioner? Where would a portable air conditioner be used? Believe it or not, there are abundant uses for portable air conditioners and almost as many choices in styles of these units. Choosing a portable air conditioning unit can be the inexpensive answer to a number of cooling questions. Even better, many portable air conditioning units can be fitted with specialized filters which reduce the presence of allergens, bacteria, and chemical odors. This allows you to be cool and enjoy better air quality.

​Portable air conditioners protect people, equipment and processes from heat and pollutants. Sometimes the air conditioning in place is not sufficient to do the job or a severe weather event causes a system to shut down. Portable air conditioning can fill the void for short or extended periods of time.

Reasons why, how and where portable air conditioners are popular choices among businesses and homeowners:

  • ​​IRREGULAR-SIZED WINDOWS/NO WINDOWS – Window air conditioners can be an inexpensive option for cooling a room. However, these units can be expensive to run, are noisy, and may provide a security risk. These window units are made for standard window sizes and they take up sill space, and can block your view or natural light. A portable air conditioning unit can be used in rooms with windows of any size or can be adapted to use a ceiling vent or a sliding door vent.
  • SERVER ROOMS AND OFFICES – Anyone who works in IT knows that the server room is vital to the functioning of any company. The cooling and ventilation of these rooms is necessary to avoid malfunction or degradation of this computer equipment. Portable air conditioning units provide a cost-effective way to spot cool your server room during nights, weekends or AC shut down times. Spot cooling one office instead of an entire building on nights, weekends, and holidays is another reason portable air conditioners can be the inexpensive solution to a cooling problem
  • HOSPITALS – Hospitals are kept cool for several reasons. Cooler temperatures keep the growth of bacteria diminished. Hospitals are also filled with extremely delicate and highly technical equipment. A cooler environment protects the equipment and its processes from malfunction.
  • SCHOOLS – Very often schools are kept open in the summer months for special programs, tutoring, or teacher in services. Portable air conditioning can cool specific areas, saving the need for the school system to cool the entire building. Portable air conditioners can be used in locker rooms, computer rooms, sports facilities, and special events, either indoor or outdoor.
  • PRODUCTION FACILITIES – Portable air conditioners can keep production lines functioning by cooling specific areas, thereby, protecting employees and equipment. These units cool only the specific area needed while reducing fatigue, stress and injuries of your employees. They can be moved when needed and, will remove excess moisture from the air in high humidity areas.Cooling overheated equipment will lead to increased life and reliability, thus increasing productivity.
  • GARAGES, STUDIOS, SHED, WORKSHOPS, AND SERVICE BAYS – Very often these work spaces can become overheated quickly and become filled with hazardous or irritating particles in the air. A portable air conditioner will efficiently cool this area and filter out the harmful pollutants in the air. Additionally, a cooler atmosphere can lengthen the lifespan of a technical equipment.
  • OFFICES – Sometimes the standard air conditioning in offices is not enough. Conference rooms, computer areas, and high-traffic areas can call for additional cooling. Often an office building will turn off or lower the air conditioning on nights, weekends, and holidays. Portable air conditioners will allow you the flexibility to use these units as needed and where needed.
  • PARTIES, EVENTS, FUNDRAISERS, SPECIAL OCCASIONS – Everyone knows that any area, not matter how well cooled, can become overheated with the presence of a large group of people. A portable air conditioner can be brought in quickly and conveniently to cool a crowded area.
  • CONSTRUCTION SITES – Providing your employees with an area in which to cool down during breaks will reduce fatigue, injuries and heat stroke, while increasing productivity.

Whether you want to cool an area for an extended amount of time or spot cool an area quickly for a small amount of time, portable air conditioners are the solution to your cooling needs. The styles of these units and their applications are endless and can save you money in the long run by lowering your overall energy use, increasing productivity, improving the safety and well-being of employees, and prolonging the life of expensive equipment.

Portable Air Solutions has a varied choice of styles and options for your cooling needs. They will deliver, install, and pick up all equipment as needed. They are available to answer all your questions and concerns. Call for a free quote or 24/7 emergency service.

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