Will you ever need to rent a portable air conditioner?

Types of facilities that commonly rent portable air conditioners

​Many businesses need portable air conditioning to supplement their current heating and air system. You’d think the current system would cover all the bases, but, sometimes, they don’t. Warehouses, hospitals, data centers, schools, and construction sites are just a few types of facilities that need back-up plans for situations like natural disasters and overheating during the summer months.​

  • Warehouses. Heat rises and when you work in a hot warehouse, there isn’t anywhere for that heat to escape, especially in the summer. Not only does that mean unbearable working conditions for employees, but it also means running the risk of heat stroke for your employees. And we all know what that leads to – a decrease in productivity and being behind schedule. The best solution is portable air conditioner rental(s).
  • Hospitals. Ever wonder why hospitals are so cold? Cold temperatures slow the rate of bacteria growth. It’s all about patient and employee safety. When the current heating and air system isn’t working properly, it’s important to have a backup plan – portable air conditioner rental(s). This is especially true for specific areas like the emergency room, operating room, ICU, and laboratories. 
  • Data Centers. Computers and technological equipment put off a lot of heat, which can make them slow and temperamental. Data rooms, also known as server rooms, store important company documents, and when the room get overheated, you run the risk of losing all of that data. Portable air conditioner rental(s) can help avert that problem and keep your data safe and accessible. 
  • Schools. Even though school is closed during the summer months, there’s still a need for air conditioning. There’s summer school for elementary and high schools, and college students too.  Why cool an entire school facility when less than half of it is being used? Air conditioner rental(s) allow administrators to cool only the areas that are being used. Also, they come in handy when summer decides to stick around until November and the AC decides to shut down permanently.  
  • Construction Sites. Construction workers, whether residential or commercial, endure long days in the heat building dream homes and dream office buildings. It’s important to not only provide water for cooling down, but also cool air for breaks. Heat stroke is nothing to play around with. Let portable air conditioner rental(s) be a source of relief for your employees.  
  • Events. We all love a good outdoor event, whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding, but the Southern summer can break an outdoor event. With portable air conditioner rental(s) your guests will be comfortable and happy – not sweaty and sticky. And if your corporate event is a fundraiser, just imagine how successful it will be all because you hosted an outdoor event that kept your funders cool and happy. 

Of course we rent portable air conditioners of all sizes and capacities. We deliver, set up, and retrieve the equipment to and from your facility and on your schedule. Call us at (803) 600-6226 any time for more information.

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