Hurricane Irma and Portable Air Conditioning – Some Facts on Its Use

Heating/Cooling a Tent Event in SC

How we deliver and set up heating/cooling equipment for events

We are keeping guests comfortable at a big tent event this weekend. So we brought out the big guns. These photos show two 12 ton units arriving, and after set up out back of the tents.

Check out these pictures that show how our equipment arrives when we set an event up. And, what the equipment looks like while it is hidden out back of your tent event quietly keeping guests cool.

During the spring and summer we cool tent events in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. And when it’s cool we bring units that are capable of heating OR cooling. When heat is needed, we heat tent events and outdoor events.

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Fans for Sporting Events or Warehouse Cooling

Having a Big Ass fan® can come in handy

There are times you need to cool a space, but air conditioning isn’t appropriate. Air moving fans are a great alternative for outdoor receptions or indoor air movement, when AC isn’t in the budget.

These whisper quiet fans create a low speed breeze over your event or work area, while only pulling 7 amps from your 110v power outlet. They are a game changing product in air movement.

We carry the Black Jack by Big Ass Fans. We can sell you one, or we can rent you one. Either way, we love this product because it’s portable, durable, quiet, and super effective.

Black Jacks are big enough to blow 1/3 the length of a football field, and compact enough to be wheeled down an aisle or through a doorway. They come mounted on indoor/outdoor rubber wheels so they can move across all kinds of surfaces without damage.

Check out the gallery below to see some in action.

If you have used a Black Jack in the past we would love to hear about it. Leave us a comment!

Rent Air Conditioner for a Wedding?

Air Conditioned Wedding Tents – Reasons to Invest

Almost every bride dreams of being a princess on her wedding day, looking picture perfect, and glowing with joy. But in the South, glowing can turn into sweating, thanks to the heat and humidity. If you’re going to have an outdoor wedding, an air conditioned wedding tent will be your saving grace.

Imagine that big white tent, complete with a wooden dance floor, lots of lights, a band, tables set with china, and cool air flowing throughout making you and your guests feel comfortable and ready to have a good time. When you rent air conditioner for wedding, you’re investing in a successful event. Here are a few good reasons why you should have an air conditioned wedding tent:

  1. Wedding dresses don’t have ventilation. They’re made with layers of heavy material that leave no room for breathing. The bride will be the center of attention, so she should feel comfortable. Who wants to see wedding pictures of a sweaty bride and groom?
  2. Let’s face it, dancing is exercise and when you exercise, you sweat. Wedding guests look forward to having a good time — not feeling miserable in sticky clothes. Think about your older guests too. They may have health conditions that can be elevated by the heat.
  3. Why spend money on a cake that will sit and melt? The wedding cake is the centerpiece of any wedding, and melted cake icing is devastating for any bride. 
  4. Your wedding planner, caterer, and bartenders will thank you. Like the cake, certain types of foods last longer in cool air. There’s nothing worse than guests getting sick from sour food, and staff being easily worn down from the heat. 
  5. Flowers are a main accessory for brides, and they wilt in the heat. Flowers are better preserved in a cool environment, which is why you should invest in an air conditioned wedding tent.

Every bride (and mother of the bride) wants her wedding to be the talk of the town and to be remembered forever. So when you’re planning that outdoor wedding overlooking the lake, the 18th hole, or the vineyard, make sure you include an air conditioned wedding tent. You’ll be happy you did.

Emergency Air Conditioning for Server Rooms

How to Avoid an AC Emergency in your Server Room

​The climate is the most important aspect of a server room. To allow the servers to function efficiently and effectively the room must be kept cool at all times. If your air conditioner is broken for any length of time the servers can become overheated and loose data. 

The server nodes produce enough heat to reach temperatures of 85-90°F. If the servers reach these temperatures and remain at this level for any length of time it puts the servers at risk of having a full meltdown.

If your air conditioner or cooling system is out, we can deliver and install a portable air conditioner that attaches to your existing ductwork. This system can stay in place until your original unit is repaired. There are also units that are free standing that can be placed in any size room or building. This will allow your servers to stay cool and functioning at their normal pace.

We often get calls from IT Directors, IT Managers, and Server Admins in need of air conditioning fast. They are in a rush to get their server rooms cooled down because they have had a meltdown of their system, or because of a weather event that caused them to loose all air flow. Below are five things server admins and IT specialists should avoid when working in their server rooms. 

5 Common Causes of Server Rooms Overheating

  • Weather Tragedies: Floods are one of the most common causes for air conditioner outages. It is important that server rooms be kept below 77°F and without an air conditioner that is impossible. Setting up a solution monitor that monitors the temperature of the room and servers is a great way to stay on top of this.
  • Organization: Set up the servers so they are not blocking any vents, and are not too close to any walls. Most server rooms are set up in rows that are based off the airflow.
  • Air Flow: To prevent hot spots, set up fans to help increase the airflow throughout the room.
  • Clutter: Clutter can block or decrease airflow significantly. By eliminating all clutter throughout the room it will increase airflow and make the room a much safer environment to work in.
  • No Built-in Cooling System: Without built-in cooling systems the server racks have only secondary cooling coming from the air conditioner. With built-in cooling systems, server racks are able to keep the servers from becoming overheated more directly.

Take your time in setting up a server room. Surveying the space and laying out the most beneficial and effective floor plan for the servers will increase your energy consumption greatly. Keep an eye on the temperature of the space and the servers will be able to stay functioning in the most efficient way.

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Will you ever need to rent a portable air conditioner?

Types of facilities that commonly rent portable air conditioners

​Many businesses need portable air conditioning to supplement their current heating and air system. You’d think the current system would cover all the bases, but, sometimes, they don’t. Warehouses, hospitals, data centers, schools, and construction sites are just a few types of facilities that need back-up plans for situations like natural disasters and overheating during the summer months.​

  • Warehouses. Heat rises and when you work in a hot warehouse, there isn’t anywhere for that heat to escape, especially in the summer. Not only does that mean unbearable working conditions for employees, but it also means running the risk of heat stroke for your employees. And we all know what that leads to – a decrease in productivity and being behind schedule. The best solution is portable air conditioner rental(s).
  • Hospitals. Ever wonder why hospitals are so cold? Cold temperatures slow the rate of bacteria growth. It’s all about patient and employee safety. When the current heating and air system isn’t working properly, it’s important to have a backup plan – portable air conditioner rental(s). This is especially true for specific areas like the emergency room, operating room, ICU, and laboratories. 
  • Data Centers. Computers and technological equipment put off a lot of heat, which can make them slow and temperamental. Data rooms, also known as server rooms, store important company documents, and when the room get overheated, you run the risk of losing all of that data. Portable air conditioner rental(s) can help avert that problem and keep your data safe and accessible. 
  • Schools. Even though school is closed during the summer months, there’s still a need for air conditioning. There’s summer school for elementary and high schools, and college students too.  Why cool an entire school facility when less than half of it is being used? Air conditioner rental(s) allow administrators to cool only the areas that are being used. Also, they come in handy when summer decides to stick around until November and the AC decides to shut down permanently.  
  • Construction Sites. Construction workers, whether residential or commercial, endure long days in the heat building dream homes and dream office buildings. It’s important to not only provide water for cooling down, but also cool air for breaks. Heat stroke is nothing to play around with. Let portable air conditioner rental(s) be a source of relief for your employees.  
  • Events. We all love a good outdoor event, whether it’s a corporate event or a wedding, but the Southern summer can break an outdoor event. With portable air conditioner rental(s) your guests will be comfortable and happy – not sweaty and sticky. And if your corporate event is a fundraiser, just imagine how successful it will be all because you hosted an outdoor event that kept your funders cool and happy. 

Of course we rent portable air conditioners of all sizes and capacities. We deliver, set up, and retrieve the equipment to and from your facility and on your schedule. Call us at (803) 600-6226 any time for more information.

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What to do if your air conditioning is not enough

Most people are aware of the main cooling system in their building. However, oftentimes there are areas in your home, office or warehouse that need to be a little cooler. Making the right decision about supplemental air conditioning involves knowing what cooling system is already in place and how big of an area needs to be cooled. Is there an area that needs additional cooling? Are there areas that are hot spots or need additional cooling at specific times? Before making any decision about additional air conditioning, three things to be aware of are primary cooling already in place, supplemental cooling, and spot-cooling.

​Most multi-tenant office buildings, malls and other buildings are constructed with central air conditioning which cools by a forced air system where one mechanical floor may serve sixteen floors, eight above and eight below. However, because of lights and other heat-producing equipment, some tenants may require a lower air conditioning temperature and lower humidity than is supplied by the building.

According to, supplemental cooling units are used when a particular area already has a primary unit but won’t completely cool off, or if it needs to be even cooler in specific areas. An example of these areas would be homes, offices, laboratories, computer rooms, classrooms, trailers, hospitals and much more. These supplemental units can be portable or mounted to a wall or ceiling.

Computer rooms should be kept below 77 degrees F to avoid servers becoming overheated and losing data. Hospitals and laboratories all have equipment that needs to to be kept from overheating. Events such as weddings, fundraisers, plays and concerts can involve large groups of people, making the need for additional air conditioning. Supplemental air conditioning would be the answer for these situations and many more.

A spot cooling unit is portable and can be used when a small area needs to be kept cooler than others. This type of cooling is usually used when you don’t have a large area, but want to keep some areas cooler than others. Spot cooling would work in an area where the main cooling unit does not reach or an area that is much warmer than the rest of the area. These types of units are quick and easy to install and can be moved easily from one room to another. Usually they are just taken out of the box and plugged into a regular electrical outlet.

Many schools are open during the summer months for tutoring and summer school. Very often only a few classrooms or areas are used for these functions. Spot air conditioning would cool the areas being used without having to cool the entire building. Spot cooling would also work in areas where guests or employees are moving or working at certain frames of time such as weddings or conventions.

How do I know what to choose?

Knowing the size of the area to be cooled and the air conditioner capacity is important. The sizing of cooling systems are based on how many BTUs per hours there are. BTU stands for British Thermal Units and 12,000 BTUs equals one ton .A main rule of thumb is that one ton can cool an area of approximately 300 to a little over 500 square feet. Be sure to know the square footage to be cooled as well as how many BTUs the air conditioner offers.

Making an informed decision about supplemental air conditioning and spot cooling will save both time and energy and add flexibility to your budget plans.

Portable Air Solutions has the answers to your questions and will deliver, install, and pick up all equipment needed. It’s quick and easy and your friends and employees will thank you.
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Portable Air Conditioner Rental

Portable Air Conditioner Rental – What are my options?

There are many reasons for renting a portable air conditioner: Natural disaster, emergencies, power outages, blown transformers, sporting events, weddings, conventions, school events; all of these can call for temporary or supplemental air conditioning. The options for supplemental air conditioning are almost as extensive. Portable spot coolers, portable air conditioners, portable air conditioner/heat pumps, air moving fans, and portable 12 ton air conditioner units are all available for rental for temporary climate control. Knowing what system is already in place and the dimensions of the area to be cooled can make your decision easier. Let’s take a look at each of these options and how and when they would be needed.

  • Portable Spot Coolers – A spot cooling unit is a portable air conditioner which provides emergency backup, supplemental or permanent cooling. Spot air conditioners can quickly cool down just the area needed instead of the entire facility. They are quick and easy to install — just roll in a unit , plug it in and turn it on. They are flexible and can be easily moved whenever requirements change. They can provide cooling for areas during cold winter months when the main HVAC system has been switched to heating mode. Spot air conditioners can do more than provide air conditioning. They are also highly effective at drying out wet environments. This means they can help provide emergency disaster recovery from floods, storms, leaks and spills by speeding the drying process. They help prevent water damage and reduce mold and odors. These units are self-contained and after the dry-air exhaust duct is attached, moisture removal begins immediately. Industrial-strength blowers pull in large volumes of moist air and push out warm, dry air that can be directed to wet areas. They provide much faster extraction than fans or dehumidifiers, reducing restoration costs.
  • Portable Air Conditioner – If your HVAC system is out, we can deliver and install a portable air conditioner that attaches to your existing ductwork. This system can stay in place until the original unit is repaired. There are also units that are free-standing which can be placed in any size room or building.
  • Portable Air Conditioner/Heat Pump – These units are ideal for areas where the temperature may vary in a short amount of time. An example would be a tent event. Temperatures at certain times of the year can rise or fall and having the option of air conditioning or heat can be essential.

These units are useful in garages, basements, bonus rooms or offices;

  • 12 ton air conditioning units – These are the big guns. They are capable of heating or cooling large spaces like production and manufacturing areas or large tent events. These units are delivered, set up, and retrieved to and from your facility when you need them.
  • Air Moving Fans – There are times you may need to cool a space but air conditioning is not appropriate. Air moving fans can be a great alternative for keeping employees or guests cool at outdoor or indoor events when AC is not needed or not in the budget. These are whisper quiet fans that create a low speed breeze. The Black Jack by Big Ass Fans are big enough to blow one-third the length of a football field and compact enough to be wheeled down an aisle or through a doorway. They can be mounted on indoor/outdoor rubber wheels so they can move across all kinds of surfaces without damage.

Knowing your options for temporary air conditioning can save you time and money. Portable Air Solutions can provide you with all of these options and answer all of your questions. You can contact them at (803) 600-6226.

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Keeping Cool At An Outdoor Summer Party

Keeping Your Guests Cool at An Outdoor Summer Party

Who doesn’t love an outdoor summer party? Warm weather, sunshine, cool drinks, good food; what’s not to love? However, the warm weather can present some issues when it comes to keeping your guests cool and comfortable on warm days.
If your party is being held during the warmer part of the calendar, here are some suggestions for keeping your guests comfortable:

1. Timing: In certain areas of the country, the daytime temperature can average 95 degrees or above. One option is to simply plan your gathering earlier or later in the day. The hours between noon and 3:00 pm are the warmest times of the day. With some well-planned lighting, you and your guests can enjoy being outside after the sun goes down. If you do not want your party to run too late, start your party around 5:00 pm.

2. Insects: If you’re worried about insects bothering your guests, supply them with insect repellents and/ or keep citronella candles or torches around the party area to keep bugs away.

3. Seating Arrangement: Plan your seating arrangement so that guests are seated away from fire pits, barbecue grills, or patio fireplaces to avoid the heat. This will let them enjoy the ambiance without the heat. If you have an outdoor kitchen, create seating away from the heat of the cooking area. Be sure to follow basic safety precautions when using a fire feature.

4. Hydration: Keeping your guests hydrated is a must. Making water readily available is important because adult beverages such as beer and wine or soda can worsen hydration. Beer and soda coolers should contain bottled water or have a large drink dispenser with water made more appealing by adding sliced lemons, limes, oranges, or cucumber. Iced tea is also a second option for helping keep your guests hydrated and cool. Cooling snacks like frozen melon balls, blueberries, or grapes will also help keep your guests hydrated.

5. Water: Supplying your guests with iced spray bottles to spritz arms and faces will help keep your guests cool. Another suggestions is having chilled, scented hand towels reading for your guests to use. These can be made by soaking hand towels in lemon or lime- infused water and chilling them in the refrigerator. Brightly colored handheld fans should be made available for your guests to carry. These are available at any craft store. Another suggestion was to bring out a kiddie pool for a refreshing foot soak or splash. Keep a supply of towels handy.

6. Misting Systems: A patio misting system can be purchased for less than $20 on the Home Depot website. These can be attached to any garden hose or faucet, reducing the temperature in the area up to 20 degrees. Keep in mind, in areas of drought, this may not be an option.

7. Shade: Making use of and creating areas of shade is another priority. Having a covered patio is a great option, however, portable awnings, canopies, and umbrellas are inexpensive options for providing shade. These can be stored away when not in use. Seating areas near fences or other structures during certain times of the day can also supply shade.

8. Fans: Outdoor Fans are an excellent way to keep the air moving. Ceiling fans in covered patios are an attractive option but are stationary. Even a regular box fan can made a difference on a hot day, however these can be noisy and need electricity making their mobility limited. Portable misting fans are a good option, however, they require water which can be a problem in areas of drought. Portable fans are affordable and are a good choice for parties with more than one outdoor entertaining area. A battery-operated and solar-powered umbrella fan that fits around the umbrella pole can be used to keep the air cooler for guests sitting under the umbrella.

9. Portable Coolers: Portable Coolers are unique in that it is as portable as an ice chest, because that is essentially what it is. This cooling solution can keep drinks cold and keep your guests cool all at once. Its rechargeable battery makes it usable at the beach, camping, or tailgating.

Entertaining in the summer can be a pleasure, however, it is not without its challenges. Heat, humidity, insects, and staying hydrated are all issues which require some forethought and planning. Keeping your guests comfortable will ensure that they remember your party fondly.

We hope you found this information helpful. From spot coolers to air moving fans, Portable Air Solutions has every type of equipment to help you with your cooling needs. We deliver and pick up all equipment. Your guests will thank you. We will be happy to answer your questions by calling us at 803-600-6226.

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Uses And Spaces For Portable Air Conditioning Units

How Portable Air Conditioners Can Benefit You 

What are the reasons for using a portable air conditioner? Where would a portable air conditioner be used? Believe it or not, there are abundant uses for portable air conditioners and almost as many choices in styles of these units. Choosing a portable air conditioning unit can be the inexpensive answer to a number of cooling questions. Even better, many portable air conditioning units can be fitted with specialized filters which reduce the presence of allergens, bacteria, and chemical odors. This allows you to be cool and enjoy better air quality.

​Portable air conditioners protect people, equipment and processes from heat and pollutants. Sometimes the air conditioning in place is not sufficient to do the job or a severe weather event causes a system to shut down. Portable air conditioning can fill the void for short or extended periods of time.

Reasons why, how and where portable air conditioners are popular choices among businesses and homeowners:

  • ​​IRREGULAR-SIZED WINDOWS/NO WINDOWS – Window air conditioners can be an inexpensive option for cooling a room. However, these units can be expensive to run, are noisy, and may provide a security risk. These window units are made for standard window sizes and they take up sill space, and can block your view or natural light. A portable air conditioning unit can be used in rooms with windows of any size or can be adapted to use a ceiling vent or a sliding door vent.
  • SERVER ROOMS AND OFFICES – Anyone who works in IT knows that the server room is vital to the functioning of any company. The cooling and ventilation of these rooms is necessary to avoid malfunction or degradation of this computer equipment. Portable air conditioning units provide a cost-effective way to spot cool your server room during nights, weekends or AC shut down times. Spot cooling one office instead of an entire building on nights, weekends, and holidays is another reason portable air conditioners can be the inexpensive solution to a cooling problem
  • HOSPITALS – Hospitals are kept cool for several reasons. Cooler temperatures keep the growth of bacteria diminished. Hospitals are also filled with extremely delicate and highly technical equipment. A cooler environment protects the equipment and its processes from malfunction.
  • SCHOOLS – Very often schools are kept open in the summer months for special programs, tutoring, or teacher in services. Portable air conditioning can cool specific areas, saving the need for the school system to cool the entire building. Portable air conditioners can be used in locker rooms, computer rooms, sports facilities, and special events, either indoor or outdoor.
  • PRODUCTION FACILITIES – Portable air conditioners can keep production lines functioning by cooling specific areas, thereby, protecting employees and equipment. These units cool only the specific area needed while reducing fatigue, stress and injuries of your employees. They can be moved when needed and, will remove excess moisture from the air in high humidity areas.Cooling overheated equipment will lead to increased life and reliability, thus increasing productivity.
  • GARAGES, STUDIOS, SHED, WORKSHOPS, AND SERVICE BAYS – Very often these work spaces can become overheated quickly and become filled with hazardous or irritating particles in the air. A portable air conditioner will efficiently cool this area and filter out the harmful pollutants in the air. Additionally, a cooler atmosphere can lengthen the lifespan of a technical equipment.
  • OFFICES – Sometimes the standard air conditioning in offices is not enough. Conference rooms, computer areas, and high-traffic areas can call for additional cooling. Often an office building will turn off or lower the air conditioning on nights, weekends, and holidays. Portable air conditioners will allow you the flexibility to use these units as needed and where needed.
  • PARTIES, EVENTS, FUNDRAISERS, SPECIAL OCCASIONS – Everyone knows that any area, not matter how well cooled, can become overheated with the presence of a large group of people. A portable air conditioner can be brought in quickly and conveniently to cool a crowded area.
  • CONSTRUCTION SITES – Providing your employees with an area in which to cool down during breaks will reduce fatigue, injuries and heat stroke, while increasing productivity.

Whether you want to cool an area for an extended amount of time or spot cool an area quickly for a small amount of time, portable air conditioners are the solution to your cooling needs. The styles of these units and their applications are endless and can save you money in the long run by lowering your overall energy use, increasing productivity, improving the safety and well-being of employees, and prolonging the life of expensive equipment.

Portable Air Solutions has a varied choice of styles and options for your cooling needs. They will deliver, install, and pick up all equipment as needed. They are available to answer all your questions and concerns. Call for a free quote or 24/7 emergency service.

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Hurricane Irma and Portable Air Conditioning – Some Facts on Its Use

Hurricane Irma And How Portable Air Conditioners Can Save Your Business

​Hurricane Irma is now classified as a Category 5 hurricane. Its winds have been tracked at 180 mph, well over the 157-mph threshold for a Category 5 hurricane. According to the National Weather Service, Irma is an extremely dangerous storm and will remain a powerful Category 4 or 5 hurricane during the next couple of days. Irma has hurricane-force winds extending up to 60 miles from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extending 160 miles.

Preparations are already underway in Florida with the governor declaring a state of emergency. Governor Scott has urged families to stock emergency kits and to develop a disaster plan.
In emergencies such as Hurricane Irma, portable air conditioning can be a lifesaver for your business. With a wide choice of cooling equipment, you can cool the areas needed, protecting people, equipment and processes. These units are designed to go where needed; are self-contained and quick to install. They are constructed of heavy duty materials and are designed to be utilized in emergencies.

Portable air conditioners can be attached to your existing ductwork and stay in place until the original system is repaired. There are also units which are free-standing, making them easy to use for a long or short amount of time. Even with power outages the units can be connected to generators and continue to work efficiently.

These units can also be effective at drying out wet environments and speed the drying process. When the dry-air exhaust duct is attached, moisture removal begins immediately, providing much faster extraction than fans or dehumidifiers. This will reduce restoration costs, help prevent water damage, and reduce mold and odors.

Weather emergencies are the most common causes for air conditioner outages. Server rooms need to be kept below 77 degrees F to prevent damage to technical equipment, loss of data, or malfunctioning equipment. Portable air conditioners can save this vital area of your business in emergencies quickly and safely, maintaining productivity and saving important information.

Portable air conditioners will be needed to keep healthcare facilities operating fully in a weather emergency. In case of HVAC failure these units can provide the backup needed to keep patients comfortable and maintain the temperatures needed for the safe operation of the highly technical equipment necessary for the running of a healthcare facility. These units also provide filtration that can reduce dust, bacteria, pollen and other particulates in the air.

Portable Air Solutions is here to serve you with the equipment you may need, including:

  • Portable air conditioner rentals
  • Portable heater rental
  • Air moving fans
  • Full service delivery, installation, and pickup for all of our temporary climate control equipment

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